Legends of Cracow

Once upon a time, on the banks of the Vistula River, in a cave under Wawel Hill, an exceptionally cruel dragon nested... - this is how one of the stories about the most famous symbol of Cracow, namely the Wawel Dragon, begins. However, Krakow - apart from the story about the fire-breathing monster - also hides a lot of other stories and legends, which for decades have been extremely intriguing and delightful.

The legends of Cracow can be told in many ways. WOWKrakow! has chosen to present them using the latest technology - a theatre with mechanised effects allowing you to feel the atmosphere of ancient times. The legends of Cracow surprise everyone by allowing them to experience different emotions - through laughter, surprise or moments of terror. While getting to know the places in Cracow, the audience has a chance to assess how much of the legends carry historical truth, and what is just fiction. 

A fire breathing dragon, the story of the royal ring sunk in a lump of salt, the power of the Sigismunt Bell, Twardowski flying on a rooster or the dancing Lajkonik - these and many other stories can be learned, seen and even felt during the Legends of Cracow show. 


Right now the show is available in 5 languages: polish, english, spanish, french and ukrainian. We're working on more language versions.
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The show is presented all week
duration of the show Legends of Cracow: 20 minutes


Contact/group reservations: pawia@jordan.pl tel. +412 422 60 91


8 Pawia Str.


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